VW Service Milestones

VW Service Milestones

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Significant turning points in the life of your vehicle….we’ll show you the way to your peace of mind

When it comes to identifying milestones associated with the service of your VW, our expert service technicians are there with competitive prices, a commitment to convenience and parts rooted in quality, safety and performance. They have the services you can count on — when you need them the most. With a goal to get your car back on the road as quickly as possible, milestones must not only be met, but handled with the care only VW can provide. Regular maintenance of your vehicle results in better resale value, a safer drive and the prevention of major breakdowns on the road.

Identify these turning points and learn more…

10,000 Miles

One of the first stops on your maintenance schedule is service to be done at 10,000 miles. This includes a full synthetic oil change with filter and gasket as well as a rotation of your tires with brake inspection, two crucial services that speak to the longevity of your vehicle. Also at this mile marker, a complete multi-point inspection should be done and all your fluids should be topped off and inspected as should the tire pressure. It is also the right time to have your car washed and vacuumed.

20,000 Miles

This may in fact be one of the biggest milestones in the life of your VW and when much of the standard work is done. It is during this checkup that your maintenance technician will ensure that all fluid levels are where they should be for the vehicle’s optimal performance, as well as conduct a visual inspection of your airbag. At this service milestone, it is important to have all your car’s cleaning functions checked. That includes your headlights, windshield, rear windshield and wipers. This is also the time to have your oil changed and oil filter replaced as well as your interval display reset and cleaning fluid reservoir topped off. At your 20,000 mile service, not only is another full synthetic oil change and filter and gasket required as with the 10,000 mile check, but also the replacement of the cabin and engine air filters. Another tire rotation should be done at this time, as should a brake inspection. Fuel additive should be checked and a complete multi-point inspection done. Fluids will be topped off again and tire pressure checked. Once again, a car wash and vacuum is always a good plan!

30,000 Miles

At this milestone, the standard work is repeated and additional work is also needed. That involves a thorough inspection of your break pads and of your discs for the presence of erosion. If your vehicle is a manual transmission, make certain to have your clutch and brake fluid reservoirs filled to appropriate levels. During this check up, your service technician may suggest a balancing of your front tires, and inspection of the alignment and the draining and refilling of the coolant.

40,000 miles

As the miles pile up, there is more to do at this mile mark in addition to the full synthetic oil change with filter and gasket and tire rotation. At this juncture, coolant needs served and spark plugs checked. Both the cabin and engine air filters need replaced as does fuel additive and a complete multi-point inspection should be completed. It is also important to inspect and top off fluids and check tire pressure. A car wash and vacuum can be done, and at 40,000 miles, a complimentary loaner vehicle is available — but by appointment only.

60,000-mile service

The status of your battery is at the forefront of this maintenance milestone. It is important to have it checked to ensure it does not need replaced. This milestone should include all the service done at the 30,000 mile mark, including the fluid checks and tire balancing, with the addition of a shock absorber inspection for any damage and also a check of the brake disks for any signs of corrosion. This is also the perfect time to replace the dust, pollen and fuel filters. Make sure to also have the tread on your tires examined as well as that of your spare. This milestone should also serve as a reminder for your service technician to check the expiration date on the tire filler bottle to make sure it has not expired.

80,000 and 120,000 mile service

At this point, your car may be showing signs of wear, as the 120,000 mile mark typically comes around the eighth year of owning your car. With the increase in mileage comes the need for more comprehensive milestone checks. The importance of them have surely grown at this time. To ensure your car lasts as long as possible and to avoid breakdowns, it is important to be on the look out for corrosion of the body. Also, your service technician should check brake fluid and the entire brake system for corrosion at this point, in addition to checking the brake pads for wear.

This is also the time when your engine and cooling system should be checked for leaks. In addition, the transmission and driveshaft boots, as well as headlights, should be examined and if needed, adjusted. All other lighting such as the interior, overhead and glovebox lighting should be given a look as well. Nuts and bolts throughout the vehicle should be tightened if needed and the underbody of the car should be given a watchful eye for any damage.

It is important not to overlook or skip any of these maintenance milestones as each and every one is important and speaks to the longevity and safety of your vehicle. With VW Technicians equipped with the expertise and quality parts to meet any service needs, this list is made that much easier. With competitive pricing and a commitment to making all service calls as seamless and convenient as possible, VW helps meet any and all milestones with care and confidence. These are significant turning points in your vehicle’s lifespan, so it is important to be watchful and vigilant. Your peace of mind is our ongoing goal.

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